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Cold pressed oils

We offer quality cold pressed oils that are 100 percent natural. These oils have many health benefits and can be introduced into our everyday lives.

Hazelnut Spreads

We provide you with the creamiest Organic Spreads available on the market, ready to satisfy your cravings. Even better, they're vegan and GMO-free.

Organic Clothing

We encourage honesty and integrity,Without sacrificing quality,. At LOODUS FEST, you can purchase absolutely toxic-free and organic clothing and undergarments

Fruits and Vegetables

Organic farmers bring good things into their soil, which in turn brings good things into our food – all while eliminating the use of chemicals. At LOODUS FEST, you’ll find a wide range of organically grown fruits and vegetables.

Organic Wines

We're here to facilitate you with organic, biodynamic, and minimal-intervention farming practises, which, when properly implemented, result in naturally superior wine. For everyone to appreciate, a wine that is full of flavour, vibrancy, and personality, while still being gentle on our bodies and the environment