About Us

Our devotion to the earth is unquestioning. We believe it should be easy to live well while still caring for the environment and the natural world. What’s holding you back? We support the benefits of natural and organic trade.  Our marketplace may not save the earth, but it will contribute to greater sustainability in the near future

We want to make exploring the good stuff as simple as possible. We want everybody to have the option of buying products that are less harmful to the environment. Our team conducts business in an ethical manner, taking gradual steps toward a safer, healthier environment

We have a safe haven where you can find unique products made with great care for the ingredients and our atmosphere.

Welcome to our online store. We hope you can find it to be a more straightforward and fun experience. If you notice any bugs, please let us know. We also believe in continuous improvement to ensure that you leave LOODUS FEST with a smile on your face.


Plastic-free, also known as 'free from plastic,' refers to a product and its packaging that are both plastic-free.


In terms of making plastic-free lifestyle improvements, we have a number of  products in recyclable packaging that can help you reduce the waste


Natural foods are clearly healthier for the world and your wellbeing. You will enjoy a healthy lifestyle and also a longer lifespan by reducing the amount of synthetic and man-made preservatives as well as artificial substances in your diet.


One of our key goals as a group is to assist our customers in bringing more natural resources into their diets and lives so that they can wholeheartedly enjoy.  


When you purchase Eco-Friendly products from us, you're getting items that are organic and decomposable, which means there won't be any waste after the product has been used