Our Mission & Vision

Our most sacred goal as a team is to provide our consumers with environmentally friendly, ecological and organic products while maintaining their product and service quality sustainable

We accept that high standards of living come at a cost. We are aware that our world is facing a climate crisis, which scientists have labelled as a result of our actions.

At LOODUS FEST , We are committed to bringing awareness to not only the earth's condition, but also the human condition, so that more people in the world will benefit from a reasonable standard of life, while staying within the limitations imposed by nature. Our values are based on a chain of conscious decisions that lead to a greater awareness of how we can interact with our planet to ensure well-being.

Our aim is to promote the sustainable use of resources as well as to foster a change in attitude of consumers towards consumerism. We do this by looking into the following factors thoroughly

  • Product and ingredient content, taste & authenticity
  • The Presentation
  • Whether or not artificial substances are used,
  • The transparency of product labelling in terms of validity,
  • The type of packaging used and how it is disposed of are also essential factors.
  • The use of locally sourced ingredients

Only then can we truly realize our values:

  • We get the feeling that we are making a difference.
  • Having a sense of well-being and inner peace 
  • From what we eat and how we travel, we must be environmentally aware with everything we do.
  • And, perhaps most importantly, Being happy.